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Canadian Military History Gateway
"The Canadian Military History Gateway is an online service providing access to Websites and digitized resources about Canada?s military history. The Gateway was developed by the Department of Natio...
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Victoria Historical Society
"The Victoria Historical Society is open to anyone interested in learning about, promoting or preserving the history of Victoria and British Columbia, Canada. We are a member society of The BC Histori...
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UNESCO Archives Portal
The UNESCO Archives Portal is "an international gateway to information for archivists and archives users" that was created and is maintained by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural ... UNESCO Archives Portal icon
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19th-Century American Merchant Marine Digital Library
Created by the Mystic Seaport Museum, this digital library consists of bibliographies, maritime documents and history, essays, a timeline, maritime legislation, and ship and yacht registers that can b...
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Malaspina Global Portal
"The portal with its associated multi-discipline Malaspina Great Books research database (est. 1995) is designed as a co-ordinating gateway for the growing number of international research and private...
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Moodyville, A Lost Community
A Macromedia Flash-enabled presentation on the history of Moodyville, the earliest White settlement on the north shore of Burrard Inlet where the City of North Vancouver now exists. The site includes ...
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Virtual Victoria 1891: View from the Steeple
Making use of a 1891 panoramic photograph taken from the steeple of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Victoria, this Web site combines census, business directory, and other historical data with computer techn...
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On This Day
A daily summary of historic events compiled by BBC News, this site can be viewed in a graphics version or as plain text. A RSS feed is also available.
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Vanishing British Columbia
Artist Michael Kluckner specializes in documenting historical locations and heritage structures in British Columbia through his watercolour paintings. He also provides historical background context th...
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Home History Research Services
James C. Johnstone's business as a home history researcher based in Vancouver, B.C. The site includes links to other heritage related resources, and brief histories of a few homes he researched.
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