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Journeys and Transformations: British Columbia Landscapes
A Virtual Museum of Canada Web site produced by the Royal British Columbia Museum that portrays five different environments in British Columbia: mountains, forests, grasslands, waters, and cities with... Journeys & Transformations: British Columbia Landscapes opening page
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The Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement
This Library and Archives Canada site introduces the settlement of Canada by selected Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations representative of various parts of the country. The site includes educat...
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Black History Canada
With content development by members of the Historica Foundation, the group that maintains the Canadian Encyclopedia Online, Black History Canada, available in English or French, contains an overview o...
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Mystery Quests
Utilizing documentary information presented in the various Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canada History Web sites, Mystery Quests provides another approach to utilizing the wealth of historical resource...
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Historica Foundation
The Historica Foundation, along with its partners, funds or sponsors Canadian history educational programs such as the annual Heritage Fair. Community grants enable local historical resources to be di...
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Vancouver Island Regional Heritage Fair
The 2002 Vancouver Island Regional Heritage Fair, for grade 4 to 9 students, was held on May 10 at Craigflower School, Victoria.
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The Amazing Time Machine
Produced under contract to Industry Canada's Canada's Digital Collections program (formerly known as SchoolNet), the Amazing Time Machine at the British Columbia Archives features a series of K-12 edu...
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Canada's Digital Collections
Canada's Digital Collections was one of the largest sources of Canadian content on the Internet. More than 600 collections were available and created under the Government of Canada's Youth Employment ...
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Crofton House School Archives
Crofton House School in Vancouver is a private (independent) school for girls. Use of the archives by non-staff requires approval of the Head of School.
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Community Learning Network
The Community Learning Network Web site is operated by the Open Learning Agency. It acts as an online resource centre for the K-12 public and private education sector in British Columbia. The main sec...
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