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Canadian Historical Association Prizes
"As part of its mandate to promote and recognise excellence in historical research, the CHA awards a series of prizes."
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Eugene A. Forsey Prize in Canadian Labour and Working-Class History
"Thanks to an anonymous donor, the Canadian Committee on Labour History is pleased to announce the Eugene A. Forsey Prize competition. The CCLH, with the consent of the late Dr. Forsey's family, chose...
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Association for History and Computing
Summary: "An organisation dedicated to the use of computers in historical research." Includes a page of useful History Links.
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Other Prizes in History in Canada
This page on the Canadian Historical Association's Web site lists other prizes in history awarded by various organizations.
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Margaret Ormsby Scholarships
"In 1993, a group of graduate students, assisted by the British Columbia Heritage Trust and other historically minded supporters, created the Margaret Ormsby Scholarship project. A fund for donations ...
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Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History
Project summary: "The overall goal of this project is to create 13 websites, each an archives of primary historical documents about a different unsolved mystery in Canadian history. Each will be an a...
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Canada's Digital Collections
Canada's Digital Collections was one of the largest sources of Canadian content on the Internet. More than 600 collections were available and created under the Government of Canada's Youth Employment ...
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Legislative Library of British Columbia
The Legislative Library of British Columbia's catalogue (Java-capable browser required) contains a newspaper index (1992-present) and an BC magazine index (ca. 1993-present). Note: The Library's catal...
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H-Grad Grad-Link
This Web site contains links pertaining to history teaching in post-secondary institutions. Graduate students in history with their own Web pages can register them.
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University of Victoria, Department of History
The History Department at the University of Victoria offers undergraduate and graduate, including doctoral, degrees.
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