Date Of Record Release: 2004-09-22 21:55:14
Title: Alberta InSight

Description: Database of selected, digitized photographs preserved in Alberta's archival institutions. As of September 2004, over 3,600 photographs pertain to British Columbia.

Release Flag: OK for Viewing
Coverage: Canada
Date Issued: 2004-01-01
Date Of Record Creation: 2004-09-22 21:54:29
Date Record Checked: 2004-09-22
Date Last Modified: 2004-09-22 21:55:14
Publisher: Archives Society of Alberta
Latitude: 00.0000
Longitude: -000.0000
Classification: Archives -- Canada -- Databases
Images Online -- Databases
Images Online -- Photographs
Resource Type: Image
Language: English
Audience: Research
Lifelong Learner
Format: HTML
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