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Destinations Time Walk
A Canada's Digital Collections site by the West Vancouver Museum and Archives that links the past with the present in the communities of Ambleside, Hollyburn, Dundarave, and Caulfeild Village in West ...
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Inonoaklin Virtual Museum
A Canada's Digital Collections site that recounts the history of Edgewood, B.C., and the Fire Valley, one of three communities in the Arrow Lakes region that flooded as a result of the construction of...
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Teit-Boas Digitization Project
A Canada's Digital Collections site, this project by students at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology contains transcripts of works by amateur ethnographer James Alexander Teit, along with corres...
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"A Moment in Time": A Collection of Henry Twidle's Photographs
Amateur photographer Henry Twidle (1879-1956), an English immigrant, worked for the B.C. Mills Timber & Trade Company at Rock Bay in the early 1900s and later relocated to Granite Bay on Quadra Island...
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Canadian National Railways Historic Photograph Collection
The Canadian National Railways Historic Photographs Collection includes photos from lines operated in BC. The entire CN photo collection was officially donated to the Canada Science and Technology Mus...
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Across the Generations: A History of the Chinese in Canada
This Canada's Digital Collections site traces the history of Chinese settlement in Canada, beginning with the immigrants' experiences in British Columbia.
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Kootenay, An Exploration of Historic Prejudice and Intolerance
An examination of racial prejudice and intolerance in the Kootenay region through the evidence of archival records, supported by contextual resources such as artifacts and digitized photographs. Alter...
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Salmon on the Skeena
Illustrates and describes the importance of the salmon fishery on the Skeena River to the First Nations and white entrepreneurs, including salmon cannery operators, between 7000 BC and 1920 AD.
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Nisga'a, Legends of the Nass
Funded in part by Canada's Digital Collections, this site, based on Nisga'a oral tradition, animates several stories from Nisga'a culture. Some parts of the site require Macromedia Flash or Shockwave ...
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Vancouver's Golden Years, 1900-1910: Photographs by Philip Timms
This Canada's Digital Collection by the Vancouver Public Library describes the kinds of photographs taken of the City of Vancouver by photographer Phillip Timms (1874-1973), along with biographical in...
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